How to open the gate to the White residence in The Good Life

Cats are better than people.


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Once you’ve completed the Urgent Quest The Heritage of Rudman White, you’ll immediately begin a new one that requires you to open the gate to the White residence. This is the large house in the village that’s very private, keeping everyone else out. However, opening the gate isn’t as easy as vaulting a wall and walking around, which is why we put together this guide for opening it.

How to open the gate to the White residence

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You’ve probably guessed that you can’t open this gate as a human, but there’s no obvious way in as either a cat or a dog either. To get inside, you need to transform into a cat and get behind the house. There’s a wall running up to the White residence’s garden wall where there’s a gap in the railing. Jump onto the wall, walk along it, and then you should be able to jump into the garden.

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Next, you need to go right and sneak past the shed. There’s a mark on the floor in the corner near the house. Aim at it, and then press your trigger button to have Naomi squeeze through the gap.

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Finally, you’ll be in an open space next to the house. However, you still can’t get into the front garden from here to unlock the gate. Instead, you need to look up at the wall until you find the scratch marks. Use those to climb up the side of the house. From there, you can drop down into the front garden, transform back into Naomi’s human form, and unlock the gate to progress the quest.