How to open the locked chest near the destroyed village on the Clashing Rocks – Mane of Pride

Show your pride

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is filled with secrets and minor puzzles to solve. They can reward you with some pretty nice items, and can often be easy to miss if you don’t keep your wits about you. Because there is always a reason to press forward, it can be worth taking the time to quickly explore the area you are in before moving on.

A good example is the locked chest in the destroyed village where you fight your first Gorgon. After sneaking up on the Gorgon and kill them, you will get the Bracers of Herakles, granting you the skill Herakle’s Strength. This will allow you to pick up heavy items like rocks and even some statues.

Before moving on to the next fight, make sure you turn around and explore a small, broken-down building behind you. It will have a glowing red chest inside that you cannot open. Outside in the courtyard, you will notice lots of statues of animals are sitting on some tiles inlaid with gold. Two of them are missing, however.

Now that you have the strength of a legendary hero, you can find them and return them to their tiles, breaking the magic lock on the chest and allowing you to open it. You can find one of them directly ahead of you when you turn around after the brief cutscene, and the other is on a small outcropping of rock to your right.

Bring them both to the courtyard and place them on the tiles, and the you will be able to open the chest, getting the Mane of Pride cosmetic.