How to open the Shrine in Dawn Valley in Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm

New mechanics to learn.

Image via Gamepur

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm introduces a whole new world to get to grips with. On top of this, there are plenty of new mechanics when it comes to fighting, and puzzle solving, the games too many activities.

As you start the DLC you should quickly find a locked Shrine in the Dawn Valley. A wall of energy blocks your path, and a treasure chest is temptingly visible inside. All you need to do is figure out how to get to it.

In front of the energy wall is a pressure plate that needs a lot of weight on it, a mechanic most people will be well versed in from the base game. To the right, you will find a building with a cracked wall, and if you go inside you will find a a large glowing cube.

You start the game with the ability to pick up these cubes, but will quickly find it is too large to fit through the door. This is where the DLC’s first new mechanic comes into play.

Drop the cub and then hit it with your axe. You may be surprised to find that the cube will shrink down to a small size. You can now pick it up and fit it through the door with ease. Take it the pressure plate and drop it on top, and then hit it with the axe again. This will once again make it large, pressing down on the plate and opening the door, allowing you to get the treasure contained within.

It’s a gentle introduction to a mechanic that will no doubt be very important over the course of the DLC, but it can be confusing, nonetheless.