How to open Violin House and find Luthier’s Key in Resident Evil Village – Maestro’s Collection

A honest treasure.

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After defeating Lady Dimitrescu and returning to the village, the area opens up slightly in Resident Evil Village. The Duke lends you a hand by marking down some useful treasures you should be hunting that you can return to him for profit to use for upgrades and items on your adventure. A treasure you can find in the village is called Maestro’s Collection, and it’s hidden behind a house with a Violin on it, owned by Luthier.

How to find Luthier’s Key

Unfortunately, you won’t find the key to the Violin house until you beat House Beneviento. You’re better off tackling that obstacle before looking at this. Once you’ve defeated that area, you’re ready to unlock the home. The location you need to visit is in the Garden, on the way to House Beneviento.

When you’re returning to the village, go to the small house on the northern portion of the Garden before you return to the village. Luthier’s Key will be on the table next to the typewriter, where you can save your game inside the house.

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Open the Violin House

With the key, you can now make your way back to the village and return to the Violin House to use the key. For those looking for the home, you can find it at the center of town by following the path you used to make it to the house with the red chimney.

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Once inside, there is a combination lock on the cabinet containing Maestro’s Collection. You can find the answer to the combination on the children’s drawing of ‘Happy Birthday!’. The combination is 270917.

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When you’ve unlocked the door, there are two items inside the cabinet. The treasure you were seeking, and an upgrade for your sniper rifle.