How to parry and do a showdown in Ninjala

Land a parry and score some IPPON points.

Screengrab via GungHo Online Entertainment.

When battling other players in Ninjala, you have the chance to parry their attacks, but it doesn’t work precisely at other parry mechanics in games. You can only have it happen at certain occurrences.

You can have a parry happen in the game when you and your opponent both do a basic attack at the same time. When this happens, your two weapons clash, and you hold in a stalemate. When this happens, you have the chance to beat them in a showdown between the two of you.

When the showdown happens, the two of you have a limited time to beat the other in a quick series of blows. You need to choose the correct angle of attack to beat your opponent. The angles require you to press up, down, left, or right.

When you win the showdown, your character appears behind your opponent and hits them with an attack. They fly into the air, giving you plenty of time to hit them with a flurry of basic attacks.

The winner of the battle will walk away with an IPPON, which awards the player with more points than they would receive if they hit an opponent or delivered a KO. You must defeat your opponent to obtain the IPPON points.

Hitting a parry against an opponent is all about timing. If the two you clash, you have a limited time to outmaneuver them and then take them out to secure your IPPON points.