How to participate in Fêtes in Final Fantasy XIV

Fêtes are competitive crafting events.

Image via Square-enix

A new event has been added to Final Fantasy XIV called the Skyrise Celebration for patch 5.5. These celebrations will involve Fêtes, which are competitive crafting events. For those who want to participate in these Fêtes, you need to appear at a certain location during the time frame to make sure you’re ready to face off against the other players. If you’re curious when the next Skyrise Celebration is, you can investigate it on your duty list, under the Firmament. It will be a part of the Ishgardian Restoration project.

You do need to make sure you’ve already unlocked the Ishgardian Restoration for crafters and gathers before participating.

How to join Fêtes

You want to make sure you’re inside the Firmament when the Fête happens. You’ll see a general announcement that if you wish to join a Fête, you have to be in the Bright Ballard’s Passage. There is usually a large number of people rushing toward it, so they can guide you to it. Make sure to click the ‘join fate’ icon on your screen’s left side when you enter the location.

When do Fête’s occur? – Skyrise Celebration

The Skyrise Celebration occurs on a specific day, with a Fête happening every two hours in a 24-hour period. All you have to do is open up your duty list and find them under the FIrmament tab. Once the Skyrise Celebration has wrapped up, there will be a two-day (Earth days) break before the next Skyrise Celebration, with a Fête happening every two hours.

Fête requirements

If you wish to participate in a Fête, you must have access to any of the Disciple of the Hand or the Disciple of the Land jobs. There are no prior quest requirements to unlock the Fêtes, so make sure your job levels are good to go.

Upon receiving a specific rating, a participant receives a Fête Present, and these can contain various prizes inside of them and Fête Tokens. The Fête Tokens can be turned in to Enie in the Firmament for specific prizes.