How to pause the game in single player in Monster Hunter Rise

You can take a break whenever you need it.

Monster Hunter Rise The Rampage

Screenshot Via Capcom

When you’re playing Monster Hunter Rise by yourself, you’ll spend plenty of time trying to figure out how to best defeat the many monsters roaming around in the wild. Your time is precious, and if you don’t defeat the monster you’re hunting when the timer runs out, you’ll lose the quest and have to try again. It can be a little frustrating if you need to put Monster Hunter Rise down to take care of something. It’s not exactly clear how you can pause the game while you’re playing the single player mode, but there is a way you can do it.

You won’t be able to do it by click on the start button, or going into any of the menus. The clock for your mission is still slowly trickling down and making its way to zero. Instead, what you need to do is hit the ‘home’ button on your Nintendo Switch. This is the one underneath the right joystick. Click this button, and you’ll drop out of your Monster Hunter Rise game to access your Switch menu.

Screenshot by Gamepur

From there, you can return your Monster Hunter Rise game, and you’ll see that there’s a new pause screen. The timer for your mission is not counting down, none of the monsters are running around in the game, and you can freely put the game down to do anything you want. Once you return to your Switch, you can start the mission up again and start playing. Nothing will have happened, so you can use this tactic right in the middle of a fight with any monster you’re hunting.

You can pause Monster Hunter Rise rise at any time. You just have to make sure you click the Nintendo Switch ‘pause’ button.