How to perform a drag back in FIFA 21

Master the art of the drag back.

How to perform a drag back in FIFA 21

Image via Electronic Arts

The drag back skill has undergone a slight tweak in FIFA 21. The move is not as overpowered as it was in FIFA 20, and the button presses required to perform it correctly have been changed for this year’s soccer franchise entry.

First, let’s look at what a drag back is. This move sees your player pull the ball back with the sole of their foot, which keeps it out of the reach of opponents. From here, you can move your ball in any direction by flicking it with your player’s foot. This can confuse opposition players, real or AI, and create space for you to launch your next attack.

To perform a drag back, you will need a player who has a two-star Skill Move rating. Goalkeepers cannot perform this move as their Skill Move ratings do not go above one-star. If you have a player with a two-star rating, you will need to hold down the L1 and R1 bumpers, if you are using a PlayStation 4 controller, or the LB and RB bumpers on Xbox One gamepads.

Once you have done this, immediately pull back on the left thumbstick. This moves the ball in the opposite direction to the one that your controlled player is facing. Then, you can move the left thumbstick again to flick the ball in the direction of your choosing. So, once you have pulled back on the thumbstick to drag the ball back, press up or down on the thumbstick to move the ball to your player’s left or right side.

If you want to perform a fake drag back, follow the same first step as above. Instead of pushing the thumbstick up or down, though, you must push it back in the direction that your player is facing. This will move the ball back forward and cause your player to feign away from the opposition. This is a neat trick as your opponent will expect you to perform a normal drag back, and it will confuse them when you don’t.