How to perform a juke in Madden 21

A quick guide on how to juke in Madden 21.

When running with the football in Madden 21, you must know how to work the sticks. That means you will need to be able to fake out the opposing defense with a variety of moves, with one of those being the juke. A juke, for those who may be new to football, is a quick sidestep to either the left or the right, and it’s designed specifically to evade defenders and avoid tackles. And jukes are valuable for running backs, for wide receivers and tight ends. So how do you perform juke in Madden 21? It’s actually pretty simple, so let’s go over what you need to know.

What are the controls to perform a juke in Madden 21?

To perform a juke, you will need to shift the right stick (Xbox or PlayStation) to the left or to the right. Moving the stick to the left will make your player cut to the left, while moving the stick to the right will, you guessed it, make the player go to the right.

While the controls are simple enough, you must make the decision to juke at the correct time. Ideally, you don’t want to perform a juke too close to a defender, or otherwise, it won’t be effective. Performing a juke when the defender is close, but not at arms-reach, is what you want to aim for.

You’ll want to keep a close eye on who is on your left or your right. If you use a juke when a defender is to your immediate left or right, you may jump right into the defender’s arms and make it easier for the opposition to bring the back or receiver down.