How to perform a low cross in FIFA 21

Cross this move off your list.

How to perform a low cross in FIFA 21

Image via EA Sports

FIFA 21, like previous entries in EA Sports’ soccer sim franchise, has a variety of ways for you to cross the ball. You have your typically high crosses, whipped crosses, hanging crosses, and low crosses. It’s the last of those that we will focus on in this guide as there is some confusion over how to perform them correctly.

There are many combinations of button presses for various moves in FIFA 21’s console and PC editions. Crosses are no different, but you might have expected that crossing the ball requires you to hold, say, a bumper down and then press a different button to carry out high, low, whipped, or lobbed balls in the box.

Not so. For the low cross, you only need one controller button. To perform a low cross in FIFA 21, you must double-tap the square button on a PlayStation 4 controller, or double-tap X on an Xbox One gamepad. This is the same layout if you hook up a controller to the PC version too, as it’s a nightmare to play FIFA 21 using a keyboard and mouse.

This move differs from high crosses into the box. In this instance, you would need to press L1 and Square on PS4, and LB and X on Xbox One. Additionally, you won’t want to mix low crosses up with lofted grounded passes. Depending on where your player is situated on the field, you could mistake lofted grounded passes for low crosses. You would need to double-tap the cross button on PS4, and double-tap A on Xbox One, to complete this type of pass.

It’s worth remembering these different movesets, particularly if either one is used as a Gold Objective for Weekly Challenges. FIFA 21’s controls are as in-depth as ever, so ensure you know the correct button combinations, especially for low crosses.