How to perform an Irish Whip in WWE 2K23

Toss the opposition around.

Image via 2K

One of the staple moves in professional wrestling is the Irish Whip, which sends one of the wrestlers right into the ropes due to a toss. Much like in pro wrestling, players in WWE 2K23 have the ability to do an Irish Whip in the game — and it’s actually a pretty powerful move. Here’s what you need to do in order to perform an Irish Whip in WWE 2K23.

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How to do an Irish Whip in WWE 2K23

To start the process of an Irish Whip in WWE 2K23, make sure to stand near and in front of the targeted wrestler. This can be accomplished simply by moving the left stick and your controlled player towards the opposition.

From there, press B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation) to initiate a grab. Then, press B/Circle, followed up by moving the left stick in the direction in which you want to whip the wrestler. Keep in mind that these inputs differ from a Hammer Throw or Strong Irish Whip. This is because rather than pressing and holding B/Circle for the second part of the maneuver, you just have to press B/Circle + Left Stick.

Again, here’s a quick recap:

  • Press B (Xbox)/Circle (PlayStation) to grab the opponent while standing in front of target.
  • Press B/Circle + Left Stick, and move left stick in the intended direction.

Be mindful regarding when to use an Irish Whip. The best times to use it are at times when the opponent is either stunned, or has already sustained a fair amount of damage. Also, keep in mind that this move will be needed in order to make progress in the John Cena 2K Showcase. If you’re struggling with the Irish Whip, start practicing.