How to photograph a Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Monksnail location

A slow-moving giant in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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A sailor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak wants a photograph of a Monksnail. The picture will ensure he’s not crazy about what he saw and wants you to prove it for him. You will need to visit a particular region in Sunbreak if you’re going to find a Monksnail and snap a photo of it. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to photograph a Monksnail in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to photograph a Monksnail – Giant in the Frost Islands?

You will need to travel to the Frost Islands if you want to catch a picture of this creature. However, you need to make sure you visit this location at night since Monksnails will not appear during the day.

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When you arrive in the area, we recommend making your way to the northeast part of the map, to area eight. You can fast travel to the camp in this area if you have it unlocked. When you arrive, use your Wirebug to swing your way over to the frozen ship overlooking the area and climb your way to the top of the mast, looking towards the sea to the east.

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The Monksnail should slowly be making its way through the sea and pass the mountain. You might miss it if you take too long to visit this location. We recommend going out on an expedition to find this creature and not preoccupy your time with attempting to take a monster simultaneously. For the quest to count, take your in-game camera from the menu, and snap a picture of it before departing the area.

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You will want to search for the Monksnail in a High Rank expedition. In our experience, attempting to visit the Frost Islands in a Master Rank mission did not produce a Monksnail, preventing us from completing the quest. Therefore, you will need to do this while exploring a High Rank Frost Islands.