How to pick locks in Wartales

Picking locks can lead to some great loot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Occasionally, you will feel the need to break the law in Wartales. While stealing items can be fun, it will often lead to you getting a wanted level if your thief doesn’t have enough experience. That is where picking locks comes in. This skill helps you get more loot when you visit areas with locked crates. Here is how you pick locks in Wartales.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you can pick locks, you need to get your hands on some lockpicks. Lockpicks can occasionally be bought from stores but you will most likely need to craft them. Crafting lockpicks requires the workbench in your camp. Set up your camp and select the workbench. If you have a tinkerer, assign them to the task or select someone to be your tinkerer. In the crafting menu, you will see that you can craft lockpicks immediately as long as you have iron. It only takes one iron to make a lockpick.

Now that you have some lockpicks, find a locked crate or barrel and inspect it. As long as you have lockpicks, a lock will appear. If you have played Fallout games before, the lockpicking in Wartales is fairly similar. Move the pick around the lock to find the sweet spot. Press the left mouse button to force the lock open. If you apply too much pressure in the wrong spot, the pick will break. The closer you get to the sweet spot, the more the pick will go into the lock and the bracket will open.