How to pick up Wind Blessings in Century: Age of Ashes

Give yourself the ultimate boost.


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Century: Age of Ashes has a few powerups that you can pick up while flying around each map. They all provide a different benefit, aiding you in various ways and allowing you to keep on fighting regardless of whether you’re being battered by fireballs or are dominating the match. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to pick up one of these powerups, Wind Blessings, and what they do to help you.

Fly through them

Picking up Wind Blessings is easy. These powerups are placed randomly around each map, and all you need to do to pick one up is fly through it. You’ll know that you’ve collected it almost instantly because your boost changes at the bottom of the screen will start to glow. This indicates that the Wind Blessing is working, giving you a huge advantage over the enemy.

What are Wind Blessings?

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Wind Blessings are a temporary buff for your dragon. They provide you with unlimited boost charges for a short period of time. While the Wind Blessing is active, you can boost as much as you want without using up a single charge.

Why use Wind Blessings?

Wind Blessings make you a threat to every enemy dragon on the map. Suppose you’ve got the ability to fly as fast as possible in any direction. In that case, you can chase enemies, get the Vault Breaker to the enemy bank, relentlessly pursue enemies, or escape with an important item and never get caught. However, Wind Blessings don’t last forever, so make sure that you’re in a good place when it stops working.