How to ping and mark items in Halo Infinite

A helpful tool for any team.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pinging systems have become a feature that every first-person shooter is aiming to have nowadays. It is a great help to have not only on teams where no one is communicating but also on teams where you play with your friends. Just point at the thing you want to communicate with, press the button, and the game will tell your teammates what is there and where to find it. This is a brand new feature for the Halo series, so here is how to ping in Halo Infinite.

To ping in Halo Infinite, you will need to press X on PC or up on the d-pad on Xbox. Those are the default controls. If you have changed your control scheme, you will need to check your Settings to see what you set it as.

The ping system in Halo Infinite can mark any item or important objective in the multiplayer for your team and reveal to them where it is. When you mark something, an icon will be displayed on all team members’ HUD showing them what you pinged, and a message will appear in the kill feed with the item and the name of the location you pinged.

Be sure to use the ping if there is an item that you maybe don’t want or can’t carry so your teammate can grab it. Not only will this outfit your party members better, but it will keep the enemy from getting better weapons. Also, be sure to pay attention to your team members’ pings. If they are marking just an area, they could be wanting to group up there or tell you where an enemy is.