How to plan a fan night in NBA 2K20’s MyGM mode

Running a fan night is a little different than in past years in NBA 2K20.

Image via 2K

In NBA 2K20’s MyGM mode, you have complete control over a team of your choice. While your play on the hardwood is going to be the main deciding point in how successful your team is, you have access to the many other aspects of running a professional basketball team. Among these include managing fan nights. Running these events is a little different than in past games in the 2K series. In NBA 2K20, planning a fan night is a little more hands-on than it was in 2K19. There, you would go to your CFO and ask them to handle the fan night planning. ┬áRead on to figure out how to do so in the latest title.

Now and then, while playing MyGM, the head coach of your team is going to come to you and ask to throw a fan night to increase the interaction between organization and fan community. If you do not do this, your coach will become upset and will constantly nag you about it. If their happiness drops low enough, they could potentially quit.

To run a fan night, you will need to tab over to the business section of MyGM mode. Open up sponsorships to get a complete list of all sponsors. You are going to need to scroll through that list to find any signed sponsors that you have a good relationship with. In the description column, it will need to say, “Sponsor is currently signed and is feeling good.” If it says neutral or any lower, that sponsor cannot help you with a fan night.

If the selected sponsor is signed and feeling good, an extra option to “offer sponsored fan night” will appear between “chit chat” and “cancel contract.” Once you click to offer the sponsor a fan night, things will move into your office where your GM is talking with the sponsor. The sponsor will ask what kind of fan night you want to run. Select from the list of options available, and you are done. Doing this will also increase the trust of the chosen sponsor.