How to play 1v1 in Splitgate

“1v1 me, bro” lives on!

Image via 1047 Games

For as long as first-person shooters have had multiplayer modes, there has always been a method of deciding who is the best at each game. 1v1 matches have been the deciding point on which player generally comes out on top regarding their skill. While Splitgate may not have an officially supported 1v1 playlist, you can set the game to have one.

To play a 1v1 game in Splitgate, load up the game and select Play to bring up playlists. As stated earlier, there are no public playlists as of this writing for 1v1, so you will need to go to the Custom tab. On this page, you could scroll through the community-created lobbies and find a match to join, but it’s best to create a lobby to make the process easier for yourself.

Now you will be on the Server Settings page. Make a name for your lobby and decide if you want the server to be private with a password or not. Choose the region you are playing in, then set the max players to 2. After you press Create, you will be back on the party screen while the game makes your lobby. When ready, you will be transferred there automatically.

When you first get into your lobby, your game will automatically have rules set to a score of 50 within eight minutes. That score is a bit high for a 1v1, so we recommend pulling up match options and setting the max score to around 20 to 25. Within that pull-up menu, you can also choose the map, game mode, weapons, and many other custom settings you won’t see in a public match. Play around with these settings to get the best experience and wait for someone to join or invite a friend in to determine who is the best.