How to play and win Warzone Cup in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Dominate in the mode by netting goals and ramming enemies.

Image via Infinity Ward

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is celebrating FIFA’s World Cup Final with brand new game mode Warzone Cup. Although you won’t be using weapons, the mode is centered around using ATVs and their special abilties to score soccer balls into nets. It is certainly a far departure from typical battle royale modes, but it is just as competitive. This guide will breakdown the rules and what strategies you can use to win in Warzone 2.0’s Warzone Cup.

How does Warzone Cup work in Warzone 2.0?

Warzone Cup consists of two teams of three players and a massive soccer ball set in the center of the Al Easima soccer arena. The winning team is only declared in the mode once a side either scores five goals or has the most goals after its 10-minute timer expires. Additionally, each player can pick up Shock Sticks that spawn periodically throughout the map to throw and keep opponents in place for a short time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Of course, it would not be a Call of Duty mode without being able to eliminate enemies. As shown above, the bottom of screen displays a “Pulse Meter, which allows players to use a speed boost once it has reached 100%. This Pulse speed boost can then be used to either ram and kill opponents or kick the soccer ball a further distance. That said, we highly recommend drivers evade these attacks by power-sliding. This move can be done simply by pressing the same button you use to throw tactical equipment, and it also makes for an excellent way to hit the ball. However, being eliminated shouldn’t ruin the experience, as all players can respawn endlessly.

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Warzone Cup XP rewards and end date

The limited-time mode is even a great place to earn hundreds of XP a match. For instance, each time you eliminate an enemy or score a goal, you will receive an additional 100 XP. Meanwhile, 50 XP can constantly be rewarded when you are continuously dribbling and running into the soccer ball. Those wanting to experience and take advantage of the mode should do so as soon as possible, as Warzone Cup is scheduled to leave Warzone 2.0 on December 23.