How to play Apex Legends solo with No-Fill Matchmaking

March to the beat of your own drum.

No-Fill Matchmaking

The development team for Apex Legends has stated time and time again that solos would never be added into the game as a game mode. That said, they never stated you wouldn’t be able to solo drop into a non-solo game: and that is exactly what players can do with the newest feature implemented into queuing: No-Fill Matching.

What is Fill Matchmaking?

Before we get into No-Fill Matchmaking, let’s talk about what Fill Matchmaking actually is. Up to this point, every queue in Apex Legends has been Fill Matchmaking, which means that you queue into a level, and if you don’t have teammates in your party, you will find yourself in a Duo or Trio with random player(s) of (hopefully) a similar skill level. The update to solo queuing now allows players to opt-out of that with a checkbox toggle.

What is No-Fill Matchmaking?

To queue with No-Fill Matchmaking, you will uncheck the box that says Fill Teammates that is checked off by default. This means you can play solo in Duos and Trios and with a Duo in Trios. Remember, though, other teams in the match will still be full-size. Only up to 6 solos will be put on the same map together, making it clear solos will be at a disadvantage and that the game won’t just be mostly solo drops.

Why play solo?

Respawn themselves shared a handy list on the patch notes for the Chaos Theory event of all the reasons that a player might want to drop using No-Fill Matchmaking. Here is a rehash of that list, plus a few extras from us.

  • Hone in on Daily/Weekly challenges
  • Drop hot to practice fighting
  • Try to win at a disadvantage
  • Do the latest lore mission, teaser or event without ditching a squad
  • Explore the map
  • Test out different characters
  • Learn the controls and game at your own pace
  • Practice your aim outside of the Firing Range
  • Hone your skills of bringing down full teams alone
  • Learn how to get enemies from full squads 1-on-1 with you
  • Be the sweaty TTV Wraith you always wanted to be

Note that this new toggle is only for Duos and Trios. You will not be able to go into Ranked Leagues without two teammates. No-Fill Matchmaking is available in Duos and Trios from March 9 onward.

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