How to play as Amphora in Rocket Arena

Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.

amphora rocket arena (1)

Every multiplayer game aims to have balance between their cast of characters. By and large Rocket Arena does this fairly well. No character is vastly under-powered and the small teams keep the pace from getting out of hand. Nevertheless, Amphora is an absolute beast. There’s a reason you see her so often in matches and while it can be a nightmare to get caught in her water cyclone, it’s pretty fun to be the one delivering the pain.

Amphora’s aquatic arsenal

Amphora is fast and has a good jump but she’s a heavy hitter through and through. She’s got some of the best attacks in the game, so if you’re playing as her, you’re going to want to get out there and tear up a storm as quickly as possible. She struggles a little in levels with lots of verticality, but if she has enough space around her, she can wreck entire teams in no time.

  • Charged Torpedo
    • Amphora’s primary rocket. Firing this rocket regularly can do some decent chip damage and it has good range, speed, and accuracy, but charging it up is where it really excels. It only takes about two seconds to charge up and this shoots out a much larger blast that is hard to miss with. It packs an even bigger punch and really flies. You’re going to want to charge up this attack during all times and get ready to let loose whenever you see an opponent.
    • You also never need to worry about reloading. The Charged Torpedo has unlimited ammo.
  • Hydro Form
    • Amphora’s special ability. It feels terrible to be on the receiving end of this attack, but using it is both easy and a joy. Activating Amphora’s Hydro Form turns her into a stingray shaped puddle. Pressing the special ability button again summons a giant cyclone that shoots enemies (and yourself) up into the air.
    • In Hydro Form you move even faster, so you can easily get in the middle of a group of opponents, or hunt someone down real quick before unleashing the cyclone.
    • Not only does the cyclone do a good bit of damage, it also disorients opponents and gives you time and positioning to then let loose a few other attacks. When used smartly, Hydro Form can really wreak havoc.
    • The only downside of Hydro Form is if you miss with your water cyclone, it leaves you in a position close to the top of the arena, which could leave you open to get knocked out. Nevertheless, it’s pretty hard to miss with the water cyclone.
  • Bouncy Mines.
    • Amphora’s secondary ability. They might sound cute, but they can be devastating in their own right. Using Amphora’s secondary ability launches three of the bouncy mines which will quickly home in on and explode into the nearest opponent. Combo these with a few other attacks and you can easily finish opponents off.

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

Amphora is a powerhouse offense player and can decimate entire teams in this mode. She is always a good choice and should get out there and clean house. A well used Amphora can carry an entire team.

Strategies for Rocketball

In a somewhat more nuanced game like rocketball, you might think amphora is less useful. You would be very wrong. There is one strategy you need when playing as Amphora in Rocketball: as soon as the match starts, get to the ball and get into Hydro Form. Everyone tends to arrive and brawl at the ball at the very outset of the match, so if you can get in there and unleash a cyclone, you can give your other teammates an opportunity to carry the ball and score a goal quickly. Other than that, use Amhpora to drive your opponents crazy and let the rest of your team take the ball away.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Just like in rocketball, people tend to pile up atop each other pretty quickly in this mode. Just get into a crowd in your Hydro Form and flush your foes away. Just make sure you don’t propel yourself up into a position where you get knocked away easily. The winner in mega rocket tends to be the team that can keep themselves alive.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

Unsurprisingly, Amphora can excel in treasure hunt just as easily as in any other mode. You’re going to want to spend most of your time getting in your opponents way, though. None of Amphora’s best abilities really help to either hold the treasure chest or snag coins, so spend your time washing away your opponents and let the rest of your team deal with the busy work.

Altogether, Amphora is one of the most powerful characters in the game. She’s quick but hit’s like a truck. You can’t go wrong with her when it comes to the million donnybrooks you’ll find in the Crater.