How to play as Blastbeard in Rocket Arena

Blast off with Blastbeard.

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Many of the heroes of the crater in Rocket Arena are stylish and cool in both appearance and attitude. With green and purple striped pirate pants, it’s hard to decide whether Blastbeard is the fliest of them all or a walking fashion faux pas. Either way, he’s a behemoth in the arena and one of the best offensive characters.

Breaking the game with Blastbeard

He is a big target and a poor jumper, but Blastbeard more than makes up for his deficiencies with some really heavy artillery that can wreck your opponents easily. If you’re looking to play offense and wrack up knockouts, you can’t go wrong with Blastbeard. Not only can he dish it out, but he can take a hefty bit of damage, too, and can use his sizable weight to save his life from being blasted out of the arena.

  • Rocket Cannonball
    • Blastbeard’s primary rocket. This is arguably one of the best primary rockets in the entirety of the game. It doesn’t shoot particularly fast, and you’ll have to keep track of its arc to aim properly, but it never needs to be reloaded and can quickly pound an opponent away. It’s best to just hold your primary rocket button down and blast away. You’re bound to hit something eventually.
  • Shockwave
    • Blastbeard’s special ability. This is an excellent ability both for offensive and defensive purposes. The Shockwave can destroy all incoming missiles if you need some protection in a pinch and can also knock back and damage your opponents.
    • It’s got a large radius that can catch your opponents if they’re trying to run away or outflank you.
    • If you are able to use it on an opponent and direct them towards the edge of the arena, you can potentially force them out without even piling into their damage bar.
    • The Shockwave will often disorient your opponents, so use it liberally and follow up with some cannonballs to finish of your foes.
  • Charged Anchor
    • Blastbeard’s secondary ability. This is as useful as the rest of his arsenal and can devastate opponents if you land a hit. You don’t need to be incredibly accurate with it either.
    • If you can’t find an opponent, keep an anchor charged up and ready to go whenever you meet an unsuspecting foe.
    • If you are near a skirmish, though, we found it works better not to charge up the anchor. Pressing the secondary ability button is enough to launch the attack and usually its best to get a blast off in a pinch.
    • If you quickly realize you are going to miss with your Charge Anchor, you can fire a regular cannonball to cancel out the attack and save the six seconds you’d otherwise have to spend waiting for it to cool down.

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

Blastbeard is one of the best choices for good old Knockout rounds. He’s a natural offensive player and can easily wreak havoc with all of his arsenal in this mode. Shockwave can be especially good for team tactics when you need to protect your buds and give everyone a moment to recuperate.

Strategies for Rocketball

Blastbeard is a big man. He’s not who you’d pick for your wide receiver so maybe don’t have him get the ball in Rocketball. Instead, use him to work wonders and wreak havoc as body guard for whoever is the ball carrier. His Shockwave can easily clear an area when things are getting chaotic and your ball carrier needs some room to breath. His Shockwave is also great for defending the actual goal. Really, Shockwave is great for everything.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Shockwave. Need we say more? As everyone crowds into the zone to capture the control point, use Shockwave to clear out your opponents. Follow up with your other attacks and there is little else to worry about. It takes some time for Blastbeard to hustle to the next missile point, but usually your team has plenty of time, and it’s not so bad to have Blastbeard show up late to the party and use his arsenal to clean up after everyone else.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

If only Blastbeard could use his Shockwave while holding the chest! While his slowness would presumably make him not the ideal candidate to hold the treasure chest, his durability does go a long way in this mode. With one of the most powerful primary rockets in the game, he can also rocket jump to scale up walls and use verticality to his advantage. It certainly helps that he never needs to reload. He is not the quickest at collecting coins, but he is pretty good at preventing any opponents from having fun.

In Rocket Arena, straight up offense isn’t always your best bet, but if you’re playing as Blastbeard, it definitely is. Pull on your pirate pajama pants and you’ll find you can easily beat everyone else with Blastbeard.