How to play as Boone in Rocket Arena

Well go ahead and just say it: he’s a real boon to any team.

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If we had to pick a favorite character in Rocket Arena, we’d probably have to go with Zik. No, he isn’t technically one of the competitors, but Boone’s trusty pet pterodactyl is adorable. And he’s also a great companion to an exceptionally strong character.

Be the best Boone

Boone is fast and strong on his own, but Zik is what really makes him stand out from the pack. With his flying-dino pal, Boone can quadruple jump higher than almost anyone else in the game. Zik also lets Boone float a bit on his decent, making this character phenomenal at getting a position high up in the air to then fight from a distance. Good thing he comes equipped with the arsenal to do so.

  • Blunderblast
    • Boone’s primary rocket. This is essentially a shotgun and gets the job done just fine. It’s got a big spread that is hard to miss with and can do a good chunk of damage. It only has five shots, and they fly fast, so you’ll need to be reloading frequently.
  • Zik’s Vortex
    • Boone’s special ability. At first, you might think it’s not the most effective. Zik’s Vortex shoots out a gust of wind that doesn’t do much damage, although it does work to momentarily stun your opponent and push them out of the way.
    • What Zik’s Vortex is really useful for is giving Boone an even greater rocket jump. The vortex naturally pushes Boone backward, which can confuse opponents, but can be put to great effect when fired at Boone’s feet. This will propel him far into the air very quickly.
    • Couple this with Boone and Zik’s exceptional jumping ability and you can spend a good bit of time in the air. Most players will not be looking to the skies until it’s too late.
  • Megadon Scope
    • Boone’s secondary ability. This essentially turns Boone’s shotgun-like primary rocket into a sniper rifle. It narrows your shot to a single strong blast instead of a spread. More importantly, if you’re in the air and activate your scope, you’ll be able to float for just shy of four whole seconds. Coupled with Boone’s ability to launch himself high into the air with the vortex and his jumping ability, this can give you tons of time to take out your opponents from above. The scope also makes his shots much more accurate. By combining Boone’s two abilities you can become a real aerial threat.
    • The Megadon Scope can be used at any time. There is no cool down whatsoever. You will exit out of the scope if you let go of the secondary ability button or if you need to reload.

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

Many characters in Rocket Arena excel when up in each others’ face. Not so with Boone. If you’re using him in knockout mode, play to his strengths and keep some distance. Get into the air whenever possible and take out your foes from afar. They’ll never no what hit them.

Strategies for Rocketball

Rocketball is where Boone really shines. With his exceptional jumping abilities and quick speed, he is the ideal candidate to get the ball quickly and head right toward the goal. If necessary, he can always fly up and throw it far as well. We highly recommend using him for this mode; the slower, more earthbound characters can’t really stand a chance.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Because Boone is best used when mobile, he isn’t exactly suited toward scoring points in Mega Rocket. That said, if you do choose to play as him in this mode, he is best used as an offensive player, taking out opponents while the rest of your team gets control of missile zones and scores points.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

Just like in Rocketball, Treasure Hunt was practically made for Boone. Holding the treasure chest eliminates your ability to use Zik’s Vortex, but you’ll still have exceptional jumping ability to move around the arena. Picking up coins with him is a breeze as well.

Altogether, Boone is a quick, fun character to play with. He does incredibly well in all modes, but especially in Rocket Ball and Treasure Hunt. Master him and be a real boon to your team!