How to play as Izell in Rocket Arena

Get into the “spear it.”

Izell Rocket Arena (1)

Rocket Arena has many unique characters that don’t play into your stock team roles. Izell is not one of those. She plays pretty much like your standard close range hitter, but she does have a few quirks that make her really excel in certain situations.

Making the most of Izell’s assortment of deadly instruments

While Izell feels like a more typical character for the hero shooter genre, she is surprisingly hard to get a handle on and use effectively. She’s quick and lithe and packs a punch, but some of her tools only really work in specific situations and are easy to miss with.

  • Spear Rockets
    • Izell’s primary rocket. This is a good all purpose weapon and does a decent amount of damage but doesn’t have anything special about it. The quick fire rate does make them especially useful for close range combat, though, as you can pound your opponent pretty quickly. However, you will have to reload frequently, as Izell’s spear only has eight shots.
  • Jaaqua Charge
    • Izell’s special ability. This is by far Izell’s stand out ability as it lets her aim and propel (as if she were a rocket herself) into her opponents, dishing out a big hit and doing massive damage.
    • This is great for when you’re on the edge of a fight and need to get in and knock someone out quick.
    • If you are moving or near an enemy you will have a small window of time to better aim yourself, but if you are not, you will automatically shoot yourself forward. This can put you out of a good position, or toss yourself of the map, so use the charge wisely.
    • While aiming, you can tap the special ability button again to launch yourself without waiting for the timer to elapse.
  • Bola Snare
    • Izell’s secondary ability. This attack does a small bit of damage, stuns your opponent, and will pull them toward you, but it is tricky to pull off.
    • The Bola Snare is best saved for one on one encounters where you can leash an opponent and then follow up with a Spear Rocket to get a damage bonus.
    • It is pretty easy to miss with the Bola Snare so don’t use this ability without planning.

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

Izell is a good all around choice for knockout rounds. Her Spear Rocket is a solid, easy weapon to dish out damage with and her Jaaqua Charge can devastate enemies. If you miss with any of her abilities, though, it does tend to put her in a poor position and without any outstanding defensive abilities, she can easily get ganged up on and overwhelmed. Still, if used with care and accuracy, she can be an effective powerhouse for this basic mode.

Strategies for Rocketball

While you can’t use Izell’s Jaaqua Charge to run away after you pick up the ball, it is a great ability to use to get around the map. Sometimes it is best served as a free speed boost to either reach the ball or get around an opponent instead of as an offensive ability. Since this game mode tends to get a little more spread out than Knockout, use the charge to get around quickly. If an opponent nabs the ball, hitting them with your Bola Snare is especially useful.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Like in rocketball, Jaaqua Charge is great at getting from zone to zone. That, in combination with Izell’s speed and agility makes her a great character to quickly move around the map, especially in arenas with lots of verticality. The Bola Snare can also be effectively used to pull opponents out of the missile zone if you need to clear some space for your teammates to rack up control.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

Izell is surprisingly useful in both phases of Treasure Hunt. While she doesn’t have much in the way of exceptional defensive abilities, she is a strong enough overall hitter that she can strike back to anyone trying to take the treasure chest away from her. Come the coin phase, you might be inclined to try and Jaaqua Charge all around and pick up the change, but we found it tends to get you out of position more quickly than not. If there is a line of coins ready for the taking and you can quickly line yourself up, go for it. Otherwise, you can use your normal speed and agility to get coins as quickly as possible.

For a pretty straightforward character, she can be a little troublesome to get the hang of. She won’t be great in every situation, but she can still hold her own if you play into her strengths and are accurate with her abilities.