How to play as Jayto in Rocket Arena

Jayto is a little plain-o, but he can be just fine.

To the extent that there is a story in Rocket Arena, it is said that Jayto won the last year’s Rocket Arena trophy. How pray tell? We’re not exactly sure. He doesn’t really excel in any remarkable ways despite how much effort he clearly puts into his hair. Nevertheless, if played with patience, Jayto can be a good all-around character that can handle a variety of situations.

Jayto – “Just do it.”

Jayto’s characteristics include a little bit of everything to the point of being bland. But he’s also just fine. He’s got a fine jump, fine speed, fine weapons. You could drop him in any game mode or any situation and he’s not inherently disadvantaged the way certain characters are. That said, we did find there are ways to make the most of Mr. Vanilla’s arsenal.

  • Skypiercer Rockets
    • Jayto’s primary rockets. You guessed it: they’re just fine. They’re accurate and travel quickly, albeit Jayto’s fire rate is just average. They can be effective, but are somewhat held back by the fact that he needs to reload every six shots.
    • The best way to use the Skypiercer Rockets is to be patient. You’re not going to be able to knock someone out with these alone. They can, however, lay on some pressure. It helps that Jayto moves pretty well to both avoid getting shot, and get in better positions to do some of his own shooting.
  • Thruster Suit
    • Jayto’s special ability. Jayto’s most redeeming factor is that he can essentially do what he normally does (which is just fine) better by activating his Thruster Suit.
    • This will let him move faster, jump higher, and float more. This will also make his Skypiercer Rockets fire out in cluster shots that cover a much larger radius and dish out more damage as well.
    • Use this special ability whenever you’re about to enter a combat encounter.
    • However, do note that it only lasts about 10 seconds and has a 15 second cool down.
  • Rocket Swarm
    • Jayto’s secondary disability. The Rocket Swarm isn’t too different than the Skypiercer Rockets. They move a little faster and do a tad bit more damage (and can do better combo damage), but you’ll need to make sure you hit your target. They fire off and land quick, but if you take your shot from too far a distance, there’s a good chance your opponent will be able to dodge pretty easily.
    • Sadly, these rockets take a hefty 10 second cool down. That’s awfully long for something that isn’t much more effective than the basic Skypiercer Rockets.

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

While Jayto doesn’t do anything exceptionally, he isn’t inherently held back by different modes or arenas. He can be a good all around offensive player in knockout although there’s a good chance he isn’t going to be carrying the team. Rather, he works well when used patiently to chip away at your opponents. His speed and agility does let him get out of hairy situations, so if you can keep yourself alive, he works well as a supportive offensive member for any team in Knockout.

Strategies for Rocketball

Like in Knockout, Jayto can be a decent choice for most situations in Rocketball. He falls flat when doing pure goal defense, but if the Thruster Suit is used effectively, he can move around, get to the ball, and get off some shots on anyone nearby.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Depending on the arena, Jayto can actually stand out pretty well in Mega Rocket. If the arena is something like the Golden Zephyr, where the missiles don’t land on flat areas, he can be especially good at getting in a zone and circling around a structure to stay safe or track someone else down. The Thruster Suit makes him even more effective at moving across the arena and around structures. Just hope your teammates have some heavier weaponry to really knock out your opponents while you run circles around them.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

Jayto can serve you fairly well in Treasure Hunt for reasons similar to Mega Rocket. His mobility and overall versatility make him a good candidate to grab the treasure chest, defend himself, and move around as well. Make sure to always have your Thruster Suit primed and ready for when the coin phase starts so he can pick up more of them faster.

He might not be a top tier competitor in Rocket Arena, but he’s a good choice for when your first dipping your toes in the water, or if you’re looking to be able to hold your own while getting familiar with the arenas.