How to play as Kayi in Rocket Arena

Keep it cool with Kayi.

Kayi rocket arena (1)

Rocket Arena has more than a few things in common with the popular Super Smash Bros. series. For one, characters build up damage meters and then fly out of the arena once they hit a certain threshold. Fights are built around wacky and chaotic abilities. But above all else, Rocket Arena has a version of Ice Climbers that is actually cool: Kayi.

Kicking in heads with Kayi

Kayi is an exceptionally versatile character to play as. She boasts a unique blend of speed and power that makes her a great forward offense player. If you’re heading to an arena with a lot of verticality, she’s an especially good option as she can easily use height to her advantage. She’s also quick and has a decent jump that, when put in conjunction with her abilities, can be put to great use.

  • Charged Bolt
    • Kayi’s primary rocket. It can fire rather quickly when necessary, but the rockets do have an arc to them so you’ll have to be conscientious of where you’re aiming. The Charged Bolts really become useful when they are charged, though. If you hold down the primary rocket button for approximately two seconds, Kayi will charge up her rocket. It will fly faster and straighter and pack an even bigger punch. This is great for long range and close range combat alike.
  • Grapple Hook
    • Kayi’s special ability. As you probably guessed, it’s a grappling hook, and can be used to pull yourself quickly across the map. It is especially useful in arenas with lots of verticality, though, as you can pull yourself up to hard to reach spots and then rain down terror from above (or as you slowly drift towards the ground). It does need to actually attach to something, so make sure you put some thought into what you aim your grappling hook at.
    • You can also shoot opponents directly with the Grapple Hook, but it doesn’t do any more damage than a normal shot and you’ll have to wait for it to cool down to use again.
  • Snow Globe
    • Kayi’s secondary ability. This one is a game changer and elevates Kayi to a really useful offensive option. Deploying a Snow Globe will create a bubble that will slow down all enemy rockets. This can be a godsend when you and your team are in a tight situation and can work wonders to save everyone. If you are firing off rockets while inside the bubble, they will also go faster and hit harder as well.
    • The Snow Globe works best when you use it in conjunction with Kayi’s other strengths. If you can get yourself high up in an arena, you can deploy a Snow Globe and levitate inside of it. It takes some planning (and luck) to deploy a Snow Globe correctly in a high up position that you can get to, but if you can, then you can hover around in some really unexpected places and cause chaos from above.
    • The Snow Globe bubble lasts for around ten seconds. Keep in mind, deploying it does toss it some distance away from you so its best when you either throw it at your feet or know you can easily get to where it lands. It might be Kayi’s secondary ability, but you should be using it as much as possible

Strategies for Knockout/RocketBot Attack

It’s Rocket Arena‘s most straight forward mode, and using Kayi here is straightforward as well. Take her on the offense and fly around the arena with your Grapple Hook to get in a good position and take down you opponents. Most skirmishes happen on the ground, so if you can get above and get in a Snow Globe bubble, there’s a good chance you can really make a difference.

Strategies for Rocketball

Kayi is quick and lithe enough that she can move the ball quickly if you get to it while playing as her. Unfortunately, she can’t use her Grapple Hook when she’s holding the ball, so it’s not like you can fling yourself upward and then take a long distance shot at the goal. The best defense is a good offense, though, and she can easily cause headaches for other players while the rest of your team carries the ball home.

Strategies for Mega Rocket

Mega Rocket can get chaotic when everyone crowds around the missile trying to capture the zone, but if you use Kayi’s Snow Globe to give your team some defense when getting hit, it can make a big difference. That said, if everyone is piling up in the zone, it isn’t as effective at when other opponents easily use abilities to hit you. Still, you can grapple away and take out your opponents from a distance if your other teammates can hold the zone.

Strategies for Treasure Hunt

Holding the treasure chest as Kayi drastically reduces the effective way she can combine her Grapple Hook with Snow Globe, so she’s best used as a support player during this phase. When it comes time to collecting coins, though, she can be a beast if you use your Grapple Hook to get around and nab them quickly.

Whether you’re good with her not, her mobility, power, and ability to get off some heavy hitting shots quickly make her a fun character to use. That and she’s got a dope Elsa cosplay.