How to play as the Banshee in Propnight

Beware the wail of the banshee.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Banshee in Propnight looks like an undead nun, floating through the air to chase after her victims. When playing as this killer, you’ll want to find ways to cut off survivors as they’re attempting to make their way around the various propmachines using your powers and discover what they’re using as disguises. In this guide, we’re going to share with you how to play as the Banshee in Propnight, all of her powers, and the best strategies to beat the four survivors.

The Banshee comes with three unique abilities and shares the same passives as the other three killers. These are all of her abilities.

  • Curse – Curse the propmachine to make it more difficult repair.
  • Scream – Banshee screams in a certain radius, deals damage and shows everyone who was affected.
  • Flight – Allows Banshee to fly in any direction.

You want to rely on using your Curse ability on any propmachine you believe is the primary target of the survivors. By making it more difficult to repair, it’s a good way to notify you when a survivor is actively working on it and make it take longer. Arguably, you could have this ability on a propmachine you do not want to defend vigorously, but you might miss opportunities to take out a survivor.

When you’re chasing a survivor, the Scream ability is a good way to damage the survivor from a distance or highlight their position while they’re hidden. Just because a survivor is a prop doesn’t mean they can hide from you forever. You don’t want to be too far away from a survivor, though. The radius of the Scream is not very large.

The final ability, Flight, is tricky. You can use this to chase after a survivor and avoid obstacles, but it doesn’t last long. Once the ability is done, you’ll return to chasing after them, and unless you’re constantly hunting them, the Banshee struggles with these, especially with only one medium-range ability.

When playing as the Banshee, staying close to the propmachines is essential, and you want to use your Flight ability to begin the hunt for a survivor. It should give you the upper hand against them, and when they hide, your Scream ability should make it easier to find them, especially if they’re struggling with how you Curse on every propmachine in the game.