How to play Ash in Apex Legends – tips, tactics, and loadouts

Find them, crush them, and make your escape.

Ash Apex Legends

Image via Respawn

With the release of Apex Legends Season 11: Escape comes Ash, a simulacrum with little regard for those around her. While some Legends play the Apex Games for fame and fortune, Ash has joined to show everyone that she has transcended all of humanity. Ash brings an interesting kit to the Apex Games, one that allows her to be one of the most aggressive Legends in the game.

How to use Ash’s abilities

Tactical: Arc Snare

Think of the Arc Snare as a mini throwable Wattson trap. This ability is excellent at stopping other Legends in their tracks, allowing you to move in for the elimination. The Arc Snare is also good at stopping rushing enemies, allowing you to slow them down and make your escape as fast as possible. Additionally, the Arc Snare does 30 damage points, so if you think a Legend is a couple HP away from dying, throw your Arc Snare.

Passive: Marked for Death

Marked for Death is an ability made for the aggressive player, allowing you to find where all the fighting is. Whenever another Legend is eliminated, their death boxes will be marked on your map, prompting you to ambush the other team while they are looting or repositioning. Additionally, you can mark deceased Legend’s killers by scanning deathboxes.

Ultimate: Phase Breach

Phase Breach is the ultimate repositioning or surprise ability and will make for some impressive plays in the Apex Games. This ability tears open a one-way portal to a targeted location, allowing you and your team to get out of a sticky situation. You can also use this ability to get the jump on some unexpecting Legends, just remember that there is no going back through your portal.

Loadouts and tips

Due to Ash being the most aggressive in your face Legend in the Arena, you will want to use weapons that complement that playstyle. Shotguns and SMGs immediately come to mind as they both have unrivaled time to kill values at close ranges. That said, you could also use some medium ranged weapons such as the R-301 with Ash to oppress the Legends that you stunned with your Arc Snare Tactical ability.

Team composition is going to be pretty important for Ash players, as a lone-wolf playstyle will probably end up bad for you. Valkyrie seems like Ash’s best friend in the Apex Games, allowing you to further surprise and stun opposing Legends. Also, consider paring Ash with Horizon for further verticality and stunning purposes.