How to play Clash of Clans on PC

Level up your set-up.

Clash of Clans

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans is a great game for playing on the go. The progression system, where timers are set for training your armies, gathering resources, and upgrading your village, suit the more casual style that comes with mobile games, and can often be a check quicked when necessary.

However, if you spend much of your time at your desk, or if the screen on your mobile device is not the most friendly to a strategy game like Clash of Clans (such when attacking other villages), you may want to consider the option of playing on PC.

The game has no direct support on PC platforms, meaning you cannot simply search for it and find an installer. It’s only available on mobile devices, so in order to play the game on PC, you will need to install an emulator to Android to run the game. As the Supercell ID will allow you to progress across devices, you should also be able to use this method even if you typically play on an Apple device.

While there are a choice of emulators for Android, BlueStacks is one option that works well with the game. Simply download the application, and start it up. 

Once you are at the home screen of your chosen emulator, it should include the option to head into the Google Play store. Search for Clash of Clans, and it should be available to download. It may state that it’s not optimized for your device, but it should still work fine. 

After downloading, boot up the game and you will likely be confronted with the tutorial, but you will also be able to log in with your Supercell ID. Enter your details and once signed in, it will load your desired village and you can play from your PC.

Running an emulator with the game should not pose any issues with legality since typically emulators are not the legal gray area. Using the emulator on a free-to-play title means that you are still using a legitimate license for the game.