How to play Date Night LTM in Apex Legends

Straight to the heart.

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Cupid’s arrow has struck Apex Legends with the Date Night – Love is in the Air game mode. The event comes around in February and sees teams of two partner up in the battle royale game. It’s a similar game type to duos matches but it comes with a twist. For those teaming up and looking to mingle, here’s to win it all in Date Night LTM.

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How to play Date Night Duos mode in Apex

Date Night LTM is a limited-time game mode that features parties of two. Players who want in on the action should queue up for Date Night, which has taken the place of Duos on the menu. You can join by yourself and find a random partner to game with, or squad up with a friend (or loved one). Once the game begins, everyone drops in like a normal match of Apex Legends — except for a few additional features.

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There are two elements that make Date Night mode stand out from a regular duos match. The first deals with how healing items and shield regeneration works. Any item that heals you, such as a syringe or a med kit, will also restore health to your teammate. The trick is they have to be standing next to you when you use it and must remain nearby until it’s complete. The same applies to shield items like a shield battery.

How to get the Heart Stealer bow in Apex Legends

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The second added feature sees the inclusion of a new weapon: the Heart Stealer bow. It’s a modified Bocek Compound Bow that also heals you a percentage of the damage it does. Its ability also heals your teammate as long as they are standing near you. The bow can be found in special containers that resemble Apex Packs around the map, each sporting a pink glow that can be spotted from even the Drop Ship.

Aside from the additional healing and Heart Stealer bow, the rules to win are the same. Your squad wins the match by being the last alive. It is a limited-time event and only lasts a certain amount of days in February.