How Team Deathmatch works in Apex Legends

Invite your squad for some 6v6, fast-paced action.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although a staple in most shooters, Team Deathmatch has finally found its way to Apex Legends. As many would expect, the mode features a fairly standard ruleset, letting Legends eliminate one another until a specific score is reached. However, the game does put its own spin on the classic experience, tossing in elements from its battle royale and limited-time modes. This guide will examine the rules of Team Deathmatch and what twists Apex Legends brings to it.

How to play Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends

Unlike most modes before it, Team Deathmatch pairs two teams of six Legends against one another for simple, round-based combat. The main objective for winning each round is by amassing just 30 eliminations, and the team to collect just two round wins will be the overall victors. Additionally, all players will be granted unlimited respawns, so the mode should not feel as punishing as the traditional battle royale.

Those who have jumped into other team-based modes, such as Control, will also see plenty of familiar elements within Team Deathmatch. For instance, Legends have access to one of five preset classes, spanning from a Long-Range class that sports a sniper to a Close-Quarters loadout that bears an SMG and a shotgun. At certain times in each round, Care Packages will even land at random spots on the map, holding exclusive weapons and healing items that cannot be found anywhere else.

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At the time of writing, Legends can dive into Team Deathmatch at any time between February 14 to March 7 and will see it have three maps in its rotation: Party Crasher, Habitat 4, and Skulltown. After this period ends, the mode will then be available in Mixtape, a playlist featuring a total of three modes that will rotate between each other after a short time. These other modes include the domination-style Control and Gun Run, the latter of which tasks squads with earning eliminations with over two dozen different weapons.