How to play Mack in Rogue Company

Here is everything you need to know about Mack.

Rogue Company Mack

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

After a run on the public test server, Rogue Company’s newest operator Mack is ready to join the playable roster in the next patch. Mack is a tanky rogue with a number of defensive tools at his disposal, yet his abilities and perks reward an aggressive playstyle.


Mack’s weapon and gear options are very straightforward. He starts the match with the Warrant, an average sidearm. For his first primary he has access to the Conviction, one of Rogue Company’s two LMGs. This cumbersome weapon hits hard and has a massive magazine, letting you lay down suppressing fire for days — although you would then need to reload for days too, as this gun tops up ammo very slowly. For a more mobile, in-your-face approach, Mack can forego the Conviction for the Objection, a devastating but inaccurate SMG.

Mack’s melee weapon is the second and most likely last sword we will ever get in Rogue Company. The Claymore behaves like any other melee weapon when thrown, but hits differently in close range. While its swing speed is slightly slower than the other melee weapons in the game, it deals 50 damage per hit rather than 40 before upgrades. That means that on average it can drop full-health rogues with one less hit than it would normally take.

Mack loadout screen Rogue Company
Screenshot via Hi-Rez Studios on YouTube.

To round out his kit, Mack has access to a flexible selection of gadgets and perks. He can take a regular fragmentation Grenade and an Active Protection System, giving him something to play with whether he’s on offense or defense. His perks are:

  • Berserker: you can reload while sprinting.
  • Toughen Up: you take 30% less damage from melee attacks.
  • Bounce Back: your health regeneration starts much sooner.
  • Stalker: you can move at full speed while aiming down sights.
  • Replenish: downing an enemy reloads your weapon and restores ammo.
  • Resupply: eliminated enemies drop a supply kit, which restores purchased gadgets on pick-up.


Mack’s passive ability is Standard Issue: he starts the game with a 25 point body armor, which is an upgrade any other Rogue Company operator would normally have to spend money on. Not only that, but Mack’s body armor is instantly repaired when he downs an enemy rogue, making him an incredible duelist.

His active ability is Lightbomb, which is a massive primed flashbang that could catch the entire enemy team if aimed well. This ability has the potential to turn games all by itself, stopping aggressive pushes dead in their tracks, or letting Mack’s team breach an enemy-controlled objective and clean house.


Because of his combination of perks, abilities, and items, Mack can be played in any role in Rogue Company, but he is more geared towards aggression. If you want to take advantage of his kill-based abilities, take Berserker, Replenish, and a Grenade. In the later rounds, you can also purchase Stalker and the Claymore. With this combination, Mack can lead aggressive pushes and trade effectively against any composition of enemy rogues. Just make sure you are communicating with your team when you play this version of Mack, otherwise, they won’t be able to capitalize on your aggressive tactics.

If you want to play Mack defensively, take Resupply, a Grenade, an Active Protection System, and the Conviction. With this combination of items, you can guard objectives without fear, and let your teammates flank and pick off enemies. Don’t hold off on using your gadgets, but save your Lightbomb for emergencies, as it can be a gamechanger.

If you are using the Conviction LMG in any case, the Replenish and Berserker perks are highly recommended, as this weapon takes forever to reload.