How To Play Multiplayer In Cube World


There is a lot of scary stuff in Cube World, so you might want to engage in some multiplayer with your friends to take it on. Thankfully, the move to steam means multiplayer is now a whole lot smoother to get into. In this guide, we will show you how to team up with your friends and go adventuring together.

How To Play Multiplayer In Cube World

Social Menu

The first thing you will need to do is have everyone load into the game. You will all start in your own world, or shard, but getting into the same server is very easy.

Just hit Esc to bring up the main menu, then click the last icon on the right, shown above in the red triangle. This will bring up your friend list. Find your friends name on the list and send them all invites. Make sure that you all decide on one person to send the invites, then everyone else needs to go into the same menu and click on “Join” beside that person’s name.

When this is done, you will all be in the same server, but will not be in the same region, depending on where you all spawned. The next step is to find a village. In each village will be a Flight Master, show in the main article image above. The flight master hangs out with a large eagle in the center of every village and can be spotted on the map by the wing icon.

Hit E to talk to the Flight Master and a map will show up, show all the icons of your friends at the very outskirts of the map. Hover over them, and it will tell you the distance, and flight time, to get to your friends. Decide on where you are meeting, then all click on the same person. When you arrive at the village, the Eagle will drop you off, and you will hang-glide down to the ground.

And that’s it; you are now ready to play multiplayer in Cube World!