How to play on custom-created parks in MLB The Show 21

Test out your creations and share them with a friend.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Stadium Creator has been a much-anticipated feature to make its way to MLB The Show, and it is finally available for all players on either a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. It is a deep creation tool that allows you to start from scratch or build onto a pre-made blueprint to make a ballpark unique and how you want it. You can affect many various aspects of your ballpark, from the outfield walls to the stands that surround your players. Here is how you can play games on your custom-created ballparks.

When you boot up Stadium Creator, you will find a long list of pre-made ballparks that you can either edit or play on as it is. There are various location differences and some references to baseball past. For example, the field titled Cornfield is a digital remake of the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. Go ahead and edit any field you want to your heart’s content, and be sure to save your changes. After you save, you will be asked if you wish to upload your park to your Vault. This will make it so you can share your park with others if you choose to.

Now that you have a park created, set up a game. If your park meets the proper criteria, you can use it in online matches, but if not, you can at least do so locally. Created parks can be accessed via any mode that allows you to choose the ballpark, so Exhibition and Franchise mode both will enable you to play on them, but not Road to the Show.

Use the right bumper (R1 on PlayStation 5, RB on Xbox Series X|S) to tab over to created parks in the park select screen. You can also use this method to choose classic stadiums from baseball past that are no longer around. Use this to test out your ballparks and make sure that all of them feel right so you can go back and edit them at any time in the Stadium Creator.