How to play Purification missions in SINoALICE

Take a break from slaying monsters and clean up your library (by slaying more monsters).


There’s a lot you can do in SINoALICE without there always being an explanation for why you should be doing it—or why you shouldn’t. Purification missions can be found in the Home tab and are fun and important activities to compliment the story, but there are some things you’re going to want to know before jumping in and cleaning out the library.

What are Purification missions?

Purification missions are fun side activities where you have a limited amount of time to defeat as many enemies as possible. Unlike story missions, combat in Purification missions is much simpler. All you need to do to attack an enemy is tap on that enemy.

A nifty strategy to kill more enemies quicker is to drag your finger across the screen instead of tapping independently on each enemy. This will take them out faster and let you get further in the Purification mission.

What does Purification do?

Purification will give your character experience points. More importantly, it will replenish AP points. AP points are your stamina for any of the other missions you take part in. While AP does regenerate slowly over time, doing Purification missions will completely refill your AP. More AP means you can play more of the other missions.

When not to do Purification missions

The catch with Purification missions is that you can only do them for free up until you reach level 20. After that, you can only do one Purification mission every 8 hours for free or you’ll have to use a ticket. You can only get one ticket per day, so this puts a hard cap on how many Purification missions you can do for free.

Purification missions can be fun—and are much more straightforward than story missions—but we recommend that you use your free Purification missions only when you run out of AP.