How to play Shakirri in Crucible

Shakirri is a loyal servant who will do whatever it takes to complete her mission.

Shakirri is one of the 10 playable characters in Crucible. She is the bodyguard and special agent of her homeworld’s ruler. She has dedicated her life to her queen, so when she expressed interest in Crucible, Shakirri wasted no time to travel to the planet in search of essence. Here is how she plays in-game.

How to play Shakirri in Crucible



Shakirri is master with both her pistol and sword, so it works out that both occupy her main weapon slot. You start out with her pistol, which will regenerate ammo, and switch to the sword by pressing shift. She will move faster with the sword out.

Her Q ability drops down a dome shield that blocks all fire, from enemies and friendlies. Enemies cannot cross the barrier.

Her E ability is Holo-Shield brings up a personal shield that blocks melee attacks and deflects projectiles.

When the pistol is out, she will aim down the sight, making her accuracy go up at the cost of her speed. When the sword is out, she will leap into the air and slash forward, letting out an a projectile beam.

Essence upgrades

Shakirri’s essence upgrades revolve around her damage and ability outputs.

At level one, you can increase her sword attack range by 25%, increase pistol ammo from six to eight, or increase the width of Holo-Shield.

  • At level two, deflected shots from Holo-Shield increase damage by 50%.
  • At level three, you can increase her sword damage by 3% for every pistol shot remaining, allow pistol shots to slow enemies up to 30%, or increase your ability recharges by 15% if your health is above 70%.
  • At level four, your dome shields health and duration will be increased by 50%.
  • At level five, her right click with the sword out can inflict 1500 damage over three minutes or make force dome heal you and allies residing within it.


  • With Shakirri lacking a dedicated movement ability, be sure to pick your melee fights carefully. You will not have a backup plan for escape.
  • Holo-Shield has a short activation time, be sure to time it when the most damage is coming your way.
  • The biggest test with Shakirri will be learning when the proper time to have the pistol or sword out is.