How to play Rust Solo or Offline

Explore the world on your own server.

Rust is an online multiplayer survival game where you are forced to face off with both the elements and other players in order to survive. However, if you want to explore the game and try out some traps on your own, there is a way to play Rust without actually having to worry about other players meddling in your affairs. This is done with the help of a dedicated server.

Creating a dedicated server

The first step is installing the Rust dedicated server via the Facepunch FAQ website. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to download the server. Extract this folder and then click on the Run_DS file. This will download all of the necessary files for your local server.

After a few minutes, this should finish and the server will be ready. Now open Rust and hit F1 to open the game’s console. To enter your server type the following command into the console: “client.connect localhost:28015” (This is the default path that should come along with the .zip file).

Once you enter this, you should connect to the local server and be free to explore however you want.