How to play Rust Solo or Offline

Explore the world on your own server.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game where you’re on a small island with several other players. Many of them have likely already established a base for themselves, and entering the game late could mean you face off against large groups with a massive arsenal of weapons and supplies. However, if you’d prefer to play the game by yourself, you only have a handful of options, and you can play the game offline through a dedicated server. In this guide, we’ll cover how to play Rust solo and offline.

Creating a dedicated server

The first thing you’ll want to grab is the file if you’re making a local server. You can grab that file over here from the Facepunch wiki. Once you have it, extract the contents, and edit the Run_DS.bat. Once you’ve finished editing the file, you can then execute the command Run_Ds.bat, which will have the server checking for updates, and you can quickly jump into the game once those updates have finished running.

Suppose you’re looking to modify or create customized settings for your dedicated server before jumping into the game. In that case, the Facepunch wiki has an FAQ you can follow to input those commands. You can find it in the same section from which you’ll want to grab the Rust server zip file.

Here, you’ll be able to configure your settings for your Rust server, creating small features that make it a more exciting experience for you and your friends. This section also details how to host custom maps, game modes, and other tools to help your game server flourish.