How to play Scorch in Rogue Company

Some women just want to watch the world burn.

Rogue Company Scorch

Image by Hi-Rez Studios.

Scorch is a tanky assault operator in Rogue Company, intended for close-quarters combat. Much like Chaac, she is not one for nuance and strategy, but rather brute force. If she manages to make her way into an enemy position, she is bound to wreak havoc and get great trades.


Scorch’s active ability, Overheat, adds a damage-over-time effect to her shots and melee attacks for 10 seconds. Just like Chaac’s Stim Pack, this ability is all about timing. If you use Overheat and then do nothing with it, you waste time you could’ve spent setting people on fire. That said, Overheat is also on a cooldown, so the sooner you use it each round, the sooner you can use it again. Don’t hold back!

Scorch’s passive, Fireproof, is self-explanatory: she is immune to the burn damage of Incendiary Grenades or other Scorch players.

Loadout tips

Scorch has a unique melee weapon – her prosthetic arm Rosie, which deals 45 damage base. The tier 1 upgrade increases lunge range to 3.5 meters, and tier 2 increases swing damage to 55 and make Rosie set targets on fire. This is the only melee weapon in Rogue Company which cannot be thrown – or stolen, for that matter. It is always worth upgrading.

Scorch’s priority perks are Evade, Headstrong, Tenacity, and Replenish, in this order. This is based on her kit and abilities, which are centered around close-quarters combat. If you are using the SL-C SMG, you should upgrade it to tier 3 first, as it becomes much more effective.