How to play Taz in MultiVersus – Moves guide, Strategies, Perks, and more

Insert slobbery grunts here.

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The Tazmanian Devil is one of the most chaotic Looney Tunes characters around. He has been a popular character for decades, making his inclusion in MultiVersus a reasonable choice. If you want to learn how to play Taz, here is a breakdown of his special abilities, perks, and some strategies to get the most out of him.

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How to play Taz in MultiVersus

Taz’s abilities and attacks

  • Bottomless Pit (passive)
    • Taz has attacks that deal Tasty damage. When an enemy receives enough stacks of Tasty, they become a cooked chicken and can’t attack. While they are cooked, chicken will fall from them when hurt that you or an ally can pick up to heal yourself. Taz will also lick allies that are hurt when he passes them, slightly healing them.
  • Chew em up, Spit em out (neutral special)
    • Taz puts enemies or projectiles in his mouth and can chew on them for damage. Select a direction to spit out enemies like a throw. When done in the air, you cannot chew on enemies. This also powers up You Spit What You Eat by spitting out the projectile you eat.
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  • Taz-nado (side special)
    • Taz spins into his well-known tornado to deal damage to enemies. Passing allies will give them hasten while also increasing the duration of the tornado.
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  • Dogpile! Dogpile! (up special)
    • This is an attack over time that slowly grows in size and hits enemies who wander inside multiple times. Once done, it has a pretty long cooldown during which Taz will swipe upwards twice instead.
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  • You Spit What You Eat (down special)
    • Burp out a chewed apple or a projectile that you swallowed with Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out. Apples deal small amounts of tasty, while projectiles give significant amounts of tasty.
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Taz perks

  • Percussive Punch Power (level 2) – your team deals 5% more damage with horizontal knockback attacks.
  • Absorb ‘n’ Go (level 4) – your team gets a 7% ability cooldown refund when knocked back by a projectile
  • Equip Ally Perks (level 6) – equip a teammate’s perk
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry (level 7) – your team gets 15% more knockback influence
  • Iron Stomach (level 8) – when you eat a projectile, Taz will burp an anvil instead of the projectile you ate.
  • I Gotta Get in There! (level 10) – teammates can jump into your dogpile, increasing the damage, knockback, duration, and armor given during it.
  • School Me Once… (level 11) – your team gets a projectile block buff for two seconds after being hit by a projectile
  • Hit Me if You’re Able (level 12) – your team has 5% more dodge speed
  • That’s (Not) All, Folks! (level 13) – if you ring out an enemy near the blast zone, you will be pushed back towards the center to give you a better chance to recover.

Tips and strategies for playing Taz in MultiVersus

Taz is a brawler character who likes to get close and personal during fights. He really does not have much range in any of his attacks.

Most of Taz’s physical attacks deal tasty, so you really do not need to go out of your way to have this significant debuff applied to enemies. Just make sure you are landing plenty of hits and using your swallowed apples/projectiles to give yourself free hits on them.

The important thing to remember with Taz is managing his cooldowns. A lot of his more powerful moves will put him on a cooldown, so if you are not careful, you can leave yourself wide open for a counterattack if you waste them all.

Taz does not have very good recovery when blasted through the air. Do everything you can to stick to the middle of the stage because if you are out in the air, you are likely going to fall out of the map.