How to play Shaggy in MultiVersus – Moves guide, Strategies, Perks, and more

Like, let’s brawl Scoob!

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Shaggy’s inclusion in MultiVersus is purely based on the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme that started going around years ago. It depicts the always hungry and often scared character with the ability to essentially become a fighting god that could go toe-to-toe with the likes of Goku. This became such a popular meme that Warner Bros. began acknowledging it to the point that you can now unleash the beast that is Shaggy on other WB characters. Here is a breakdown of Shaggy’s moveset, perks, and some tips and strategies in MultiVersus.

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How to play Shaggy in MultiVersus

Shaggy’s abilities and attacks

  • It’s, Like, Off-the-Charts (passive)
    • Shaggy is quite a unique character in MultiVersus because of his Rage ability. This will make his special attacks hit harder and move him further. It is used up after one special attack.
  • Zoinks! (neutral special)
    • Shaggy’s neutral special will have him charge up his Rage for a couple of seconds. This does not need to be done all at once, and wherever you are when you begin charging, you will float in the air while doing it. When fully charged, an aura around Shaggy will violently pulse, similar to the meme’s original reference to Dragon Ball Z energy levels. While like this, your moves will be modified. If pressing this again while fully charged, he will let out a blast to knock enemies away and buff nearby teammates.

      If playing with a teammate, a box of Scooby Snacks will drop when he is fully charged that your ally can pick up to heal themselves.
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Chiller Instinct Kick (side special)
    • This move is a kick that launches you in a direction horizontally. It has decent power and will cover more ground when you are charged up. This can be a great tool for getting back to the arena safely when knocked through the air.
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Power Uppercut (up special)
    • Shaggy punches himself straight up, doing a Shoryuken attack like out of Street Fighter. Being charged up will increase the upward distance you go and also add more damage to the start of the punch.
Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Like, Feed the Hunger (down special)
    • Shaggy’s down special has him pull out a sandwich he can throw across the arena. If it passes through an ally they will be healed, while enemies will take damage from it. If you are holding a sandwich when you go to charge up, the throw will be more powerful and travel through enemies. When charged up without a sandwich in hand, he will do a ground slam attack. He also begins each match with a sandwich equipped.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Shaggy’s perks

  • Lumpy Space Punch (level 2) – Your team deals 5% more damage with melee attacks in the air.
  • Kryptonian Skin (level 4) – Your team has 4% reduced damage.
  • Equip Ally Perks (level 6) – Use a teammate’s perk in team games.
  • Last Stand (level 7) – Your team deals 10% more damage after reaching 100 damage.
  • One Last Zoinks (level 8) – Gain Rage automatically after reaching 100 damage.
  • Hangry Man (level 10) – If you are holding a sandwich, consume it to charge Rage quickly.
  • Snowball Effect (level 11) – Your team deals 7% more damage to the enemy with the most damage.
  • Retaliation-Ready (level 12) – After knocking back enemies with projectiles, your allies get three gray health for three seconds.
  • Speed Force Assist (level 13) – Your team moves 4% faster.

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Tips and strategies for playing Shaggy in MultiVersus

When playing Shaggy, you want to have your Rage charged up as much as possible so you can land devastating hits with your special attacks. Whenever you have distance between you and the enemy, take a split second to get at least a little charge in. You can also jump towards a safe area and charge midair if needed.

Power Uppercut is a great move to combo with other aerial attacks. You can use it multiple times to deal quite a bit of damage and send your enemy off the screen above you.

Shaggy’s neutral physical attack is a windup punch that gives him armor while charging it. Use this to your advantage to land a powerful knockback attack on enemies with higher health. It can be a great finishing move.

Since Shaggy is so brawling-focused, you need to stay close to enemies when not charging your Rage. Don’t let them get a good distance from you, or you won’t really be able to hit them besides with a sandwich. Luckily, though, when you are within range, he is a great fighter either vertically or horizontally, thanks to his special abilities that quickly move him in those directions.