How to play the New Journey+ mode in Jedi: Fallen Order

The Force will be with you. Always.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Jedi: Fallen Order stars Cal Kestist, a Jedi Padawan who has survived the events of Order 66, where the clone troopers turned on their Jedi generals. Almost all of the Jedi were eliminated, save a handful who were able to walk away with barely anything to their name.

In Fallen Order, you follow Cal as he returns to the life of a Jedi, meeting a small ragtag group of adventurers attempting to survive the onslaught of the Empire who have subjected the galaxy. Previously, after you completed the game and arrived at the credits, you had the opportunity to start your game over again to play through it one more time on a new difficulty, but you started from scratch.

A new update released on May 4 changes this a little bit. After you beat the game, you now have access to a New Journey+ mode. It’s Fallen Order‘s new game plus mode, giving you access to the start of the game, but you have all of the cosmetic items you obtained through your first game. With the New Journey+ game mode, you can play wearing any of Cal’s outfits you find on the journey, with any lightsaber design, and with any lightsaber color.

All of the chests containing cosmetics are empty, so you don’t need to wander off the beaten path to find any of them you already know about. Are there some you didn’t find? You’ll be able to revisit all of the planets in the game to find them. None of your abilities are unlocked, though. Only your cosmetic items remain through each game.

After beating Jedi: Fallen Order once, you can access the New Journey+ mode on the main menu of your game. In addition to all your cosmetics, you also unlock the red kyber crystals, and Cal’s Inquisitor outfit to wear in the game.