How to play the Void Cascade game mode in Warframe

Things are getting out of hand.

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Void Cascade missions were introduced to Warframe in the Angels of the Zariman expansion. During Void Cascade missions, players will be tasked with stopping an incursion of Void space by using machines called Exolizers. The mode involves bouncing between your Operator and Warframe, so be prepared to do some quick jumping between forms.

How to play Void Cascade in Warframe

Void Tears in Cascade missions – Screenshot by DoubleXP

When you load into the mission, Exolizers will be marked on the HUD with red symbols. Go there, and you will find the Exolizer is surrounded by a green bubble, with some Void tears inside. When you cross into the bubble you will automatically be put in Operator form and you will need to shoot the tears with your amp.

Destroying all the tears will cause a Thrax unity to appear at the top of the Exolizer. Shoot this with your amp to summon the enemy, and then you need to defeat it with your Warframe or weapons. When you have destroyed the Thrax body a ghostly unit will remain, and you will once again need to switch to Operator form to destroy it. Make sure you don’t let it get away, or it is bound to go and possess another Exolizer.

Exolizer in Cascade – Screenshot by DoubleXP

After that, the Exolizer will start up properly and you will need to defend it. From time to time, other Thrax units might appear and try to take over it again, so be mindful of this. One player should stay with the Exolizer to defend it while it is being cleansed.

The Exolizer will have a chevron around it that shows what “stage” it is at, and how close it is to being fully cleansed. To speed up this process, you can allow enemies to enter the large golden bubble that surrounds the Exolizer and kill them. It is a good idea to try and restrain yourself from heavy area of effect damage and abilities to ensure this can happen quickly.