How to play the Void Flood game mode in Warframe

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Warframe has had a diverse set of game types for quite a long time. Every once in a while, a new mode may be introduced via a major quest. Things such as Profit-Taker hunts, The Index, and more were first introduced as story-related activities. The Angels of Zariman update brings a vast assortment of new weapons, a trio of new game modes, and a brand-new location to explore. This guide will break down one of the new modes, Void Flood, and how to beat this mission type.

Finding the Flood

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To begin accessing and farming the new Void Flood mode, you must have beaten the new Angels of Zariman update. This is a high-level quest that requires you to have completed the New War story in its entirety. This quest is challenging, so bring your best Warframe and Operator loadout to complete it.

Combating the Flood

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Once you have access to the Chrysalith, you can speak to Quinn or choose missions from the Orbiter navigation screen to select the new Void Flood mode.

Once you begin the mission, you will have to close several Void ruptures. A small robot hovering near your Warframe will be essential to completing this task. Scattered around the environment will be glowing turquoise orbs of various sizes. Some will be placed around the level; some will drop from enemies you defeat. The small machine will absorb these orbs until it reaches max capacity.

When you reach maximum, head to a void rupture and stand by as the rupture drains energy from the machine; once you rinse and repeat this a couple of times, the rupture will close permanently, and you can move on to the remaining ruptures. Close each rupture to complete the mission and gather your rewards.