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How to play the Wretch in Elden Ring – Best Strategies and Weapons

From rags to wretches.

The Wretch is easily the most hilarious class in Elden Ring, which, of course, means it’s secretly the best one in the long run. Starting with an empty head and a heart full of wonder means you can mold your character in any direction, and once you’ve unlocked the rebirth mechanic, your build is nearly infinitely 

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Getting Started

If you’re a seasoned player, starting with the Lands Between Rune is going to buy you a ton of levels right off the bat so you can get your build rolling without having to grind a bunch of enemies, but if you’re not confident you can get by after immediately burning your keepsake, then we suggest grabbing the imps. They’ll draw a lot of aggro, making bosses easier, and the bleed they inflict will shred tough customers, keeping battles shorter.

It’s best to go into a Wretch build with a vague idea of the sort of character you’d like to play, because you’re going to want to replace that club and find some pants (unless you’re into that kind of thing) as quickly as possible. Your stats all start near enough to the base requirements for most early items, so don’t stress about scraping together runes to pivot into a different direction.

If you’re looking for more specific guidance, investing in Arcane, Dex, and Vitality will never steer you wrong. Bleed builds are some of the most aggressive and yield the best results. The Reduvia, found by defeating an invader near Murkwater Cave, will set you up for a long time in the early game. Additionally, Elden Ring loves rewarding you with strength-based weapons. If you want to miss out on the least amount of these, pump yourself full of strength, save your golden runes for upgrades, and let the great swords wash over you.

Follow your heart

Above anything, playing a Wretch is about following your heart. Elden Ring creates dozens of opportunities to respec your character if you feel like you need the boost, so go wild. Find a build you think is interesting and set your sights on it — don’t be afraid to abruptly change gears. 

If you’re a numbers person and you want to squeeze the optimal amount of damage out of your stats, the Wretch is still the top choice. Starting with an even spread means you’re not wasting a single point anywhere. The utility of the Wretch lies in their flexibility — embrace that and become Elden Lord.

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