How to play with Colin Kaepernick in Madden 21

Welcome back, Kap!

Image via EA Sports

After four years away from the Madden NFL series, activist and former MVP candidate Colin Kaepernick is now available to play within Madden 21. The former star comes at a great time, with many real-life teams looking to find a potential replacement quarterback if their starter tests positive for COVID-19. However, if you desire, you can play with Kaepernick right away – but only in a select number of modes.

Where to find Colin Kaepernick in Madden 21

As the likelihood of Kaepernick being signed has risen since the launch of Madden 21, the QB can only be obtained once you have downloaded the game’s version 1.05 patch (which stands at about 4 GB for console players). If your game is updated, then you will have many ways to access him.

For one, users can discover him when going into the Manage Rosters menu and clicking on the Sign Free Agents tab. From there, you can add him to a team for Exhibition mode. You can also see him available when browsing through the free agents menu in Franchise Mode. However, there is no sign of him inside of Ultimate Team yet.

Those who play The Yard will find that the new update also gifts you with a free all-black Kaepernick jersey.

Kaepernick’s Madden ratings and abilities

He is currently the highest-rated free-agent quarterback, holding an impressive 81 overall. This tops the overall of players like Cam Newton, Josh Allen, and Kyler Murray – a favorite for NFL MVP this year. Kaepernick also carries a speed rating of 84 and an eye-popping 89 for Throwing on the Run.

After the announcement, Bleacher Report took to Twitter to display what may be the best new touchdown celebration yet. When players score with the speedster, Kaepernick will then stand in place and lift the Black Power fist. From the video posted, it seems users will be able to do this by choosing the Signature celebration option or moving the right-stick to the left after the score.

Video via Bleacher Report’s Twitter