How to pre-load Minecraft Dungeons

Prepare to explore the Minecraft dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons

Screengrab via Mojang

For those who have pre-ordered Minecraft Dungeons and would like to properly prepare for its release, you can start pre-loading the game right now on your respective console. The game will take up 2.71 GB of space for those playing on their PC, and it may take up a bit more room for those playing on consoles.

If you have the Xbox Game Pass for PC or your Xbox, you can start pre-loading it now by visiting the page on the Microsoft Store. For those who do not have access to the game through the Game Pass will need to pay for it at the game’s full cost of $19.99. You will need to have pre-ordered the game on your preferred console to ensure you have access to pre-loading the game.

However, you can freely pre-order the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition, which comes with a Hero Cape, two player skins, and a chicken pet. It also gives you access to the first two DLC packs when they launch in the future. We do not have a set release date for those DLCs at the time of this writing. Both versions of the game will allow you to pre-load the game before it releases.

You can prepare to play it with your friends in local co-op or online, for those playing on the same console. You cannot engage in cross play until after launch, and the developers do not have a set time for when this will happen.

The game officially releases for everyone on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on May 26.