Can you pre-load Stray? Answered – Stray file size

The ultimate of playing as a cat.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

Cat lovers will likely want to play Stray as soon as it is available and pre-load the game. The highly anticipated adventure game is more or less a cat simulator, fulfilling your urges to play as a cat roaming a big city. It is developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, an independent game publisher known for releasing indie darlings like What Remains of Edith Finch. Continue reading to learn if you can pre-load Stray.

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Can you digitally pre-purchase Stray?

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

Stray launches only for PlayStation and Steam on July 19. No Xbox or Switch version of the game has been announced. You can digitally pre-purchase Stray on the Steam Store. To pre-purchase the game, add Stray to your cart on Steam. Head to checkout and pay for the game. You cannot pre-purchase the game on PSN Store, which means you will not be able to pre-load the game on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. All you can do for the game on the PSN before release is put it on your wishlist.

Can you pre-load Stray on PlayStation or Steam?

Even though you can pre-purchase the game on Steam, you can’t pre-load the game. Stray can not be pre-loaded on the PS4, PS5, or PC. Fortunately, the game doesn’t require a lot of file size and shouldn’t take long to download once the game becomes available. According to PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, Stray on the PS4 will only require 13.352 GB, and for the PS5, the game will only need 7.514 GB. The Steam store page for Stray reveals the game will only take 10 GB to download.

Stray is a futuristic adventure game where a cat wanders in a cyberpunk city run by robots. The game is receiving praise from critics; we gave Stray an 8.5/10, praising it for its immersive world and unique robot NPCs.