How to pre-order FIFA 22 and get a 10% discount

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Image via EA Sports

FIFA 21 is now coming towards the end of its life cycle, which means FIFA 22 is coming around the corner. As of this writing, EA Sports has not confirmed FIFA 22 yet, but it is essentially a forgone conclusion that the developer’s simulation football (or soccer) franchise will return in 2021. Traditionally, FIFA players have been able to get a significant discount, 20% in fact, in prior years, for the yearly title, and that will (kind of) not change this year. So, how can you pre-order FIFA 22 and get a 10% discount? Let’s go over what you need to do.

First off, you’ll need two things to make this work: a copy of FIFA 21 and a subscription to EA Play. The good news is that since FIFA 21 is available on EA Play, you actually don’t need to purchase the game to utilize this discount.

Boot up FIFA 21, and then go to the home screen. Now, go to the bottom of the home screen, and scroll through the ads. You should find an ad for 10% off the upcoming edition of FIFA. Click on it, and you should be re-directed to your platform’s digital marketplace.

Once you do that, place your pre-order, and you should be good to go. Keep in mind, though, how the discounts are calculated.