How to pre-order Hitman 3 – Versions, release date, bonuses

Pre-order your copy today.

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman 3 sees the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy created by IO Interactive as a reboot of the Hitman franchise. The game will feature several contracts that have even more variety to how you take them down. Your only limitation will be your creativity regarding how you plan to take them down. Will the death look like a simple accident? Or do you plan to make it look like poetic justice after learning more about your target? The choice is yours.

What is the Hitman 3 release date?

Hitman 3 will be available on January 20, 2021. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC through the Epic Games Store and Google Stadia.

Pre-order versions and bonuses

Hitman 3 pre-orders are available right now. You can reserve your copy for every console and piece of hardware Hitman 3 will be available on.

There will be two versions of Hitman 3 available:

  • Standard Edition ($59.99): Comes with the Trinity Pack for simply pre-ordering the game. The Trinity Pack gives Agent 47 three suits, one red, one white, and the final one black, each with a similarly colored silenced pistol and briefcase.
  • Digital Deluxe ($xx.xx): It will come with the base game, digital soundtracks, director commentary for mission introductions, Deluxe Escalation cards available on day one and others will be releasing in the future, and a World of Hitman Digital Book.
Image via IO Interactive

You can visit IO Interactive’s primary website to pre-order your copy. However, at the time of this writing, the pre-order link on the website is unavailable. It should ready sometime later today.

Does Hitman 3 have a Next-gen Upgrade?

Yes, it will. You can pre-order to receive Hitman 3 for your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console. When it becomes available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, you can upgrade to the newer console for no extra charge. You must have purchased Hitman 3 for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One to receive this free upgrade. The next-gen upgrade is not a pre-order bonus. It is available to anyone who purchases Hitman 3 for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.