How to pre-register for Peridot

It takes only a few clicks.

Screenshot via Niantic/GameSpot

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Niantic’s upcoming mobile game Peridot will have players interacting with cute fantasy creatures akin to Tamagotchi. If you are unfamiliar, Niantic is the company behind the immensely successful Pokemon Go. Naturally, Peridot is also an augmented reality game, with its cutesy creatures spawning in the “real world” around players. Peridot has no official release date just yet, but those who are interested in the game can pre-register now.

Pre-registration for Peridot is simple: future players just need to sign their email addresses on the pre-registration page and await further communication from Niantic. The game is not listed on either of the major app stores just yet, but we are sure it will pop up soon enough, and at that point, automatic pre-registration will be available as well. Peridot will have a soft launch period during which it will be available in limited markets, and the developers will adjust the game from feedback they get from beta players.

At least on paper, Peridot sounds quite ambitious in the scope of its offering. Players will not only discover the titular Peridots in the wild like they do in Pokemon Go, but will also raise them, interact with them, and even cross-breed them with other players’ Peridots to “diversify their species.”