How to prevent horses from taking freezing damage in Minecraft

Protect your faithful stead.

Not only will you take freezing damage in Powder Snow in Minecraft, but your horse, a trusty stead capable of crossing great lengths in a short amount of time, is also in danger. Mountains have turned into dangerous locations, with Powder Snow blocks appearing at much larger heights. When you or your horse are stuck in a Powder Snow block, you’ll slow down, and if you remain inside of these blocks, you’ll begin to shiver, taking freezing damage over time. When you’re riding the horse, the horse takes all of the damage for you, but you can prevent this.

The only way to prevent a horse from taking any freezing damage is to make sure you equip it with horse leather armor. The same goes for your character, except you only need one piece of leather. Your Minecraft character can wear a helmet, chest plate, leggings, or boots not to take any damage. If you want to walk over the top of Powder Snow, you need to wear leather boots.

Even with the leather armor, they won’t be able to walk over snow for a horse. However, the armor prevents them from taking any damage, which is far more important. You can create the horse leather armor set by bringing together seven leather pieces and taking those to a crafting station. If your horse perishes in the snow, you’ll fall into it, and then you have to make your way off the mountain without your quick stead ready to assist you. When visiting a mountain without any horse armor, make sure to have some leather armor for yourself.